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This decoy is simple. It weighs a little over an ounce. It is lifesize head and neck. The decoy hangs on a string which allows it to turn in the wind. When the decoy is turning it gives a" now you see it now you don't" effect also this movement catches the eye of deer. 246 yards is the longest distance reported so far.The digital camera we use for the decoy pictures on this page makes the white look brighter than it actually is. One of the first things a deer does when upset is start showing a lot of white. We have tried to stay a little on the dark side and the reason for this is deer are timid and don't like walking into a bad situation. If you use a deer call this decoy will make a great visual to bring them on in. When deer are standing in tall grass or underbrush all they see of each other is head and neck. The best advertisement is word of mouth. Thanks to those who have sent  feedback after using this decoy.  Check it out below. Thanks for your interest in the Deer Shadow Decoy. Shipping and Handling is included in the price of the decoy.  Hope you have a great season.

deer shadow decoys
deer shadow decoys
Buck Deer Shadow  Decoy
Buck Deer Shadow Decoy Back
deer decoys
deer decoys
Buck and Doe Deer Shadow Decoy  Pair
deer decoys
deer decoys
Doe Deer Shadow  Decoy
deer decoys
Doe Deer Shadow  Decoy Back
Buck and Doe Deer Shadow Decoy  Pair Back
deer shadow decoys
Deer Shadow Decoys provides high quality whitetail decoys that are effective for bow and gun hunters. The whitetail decoys are made out of a durable, flexible foam that can be carried under your shirt or rolled up in your coat pocket.  The foam is water resistant.
    All orders are shipped USPS Priority and you should receive your order within 3 business days.  We do accept mail orders. Please send check or money order to the address below and provide a return address and a note telling us what product you are ordering. Shipping and handling is included in the price of the decoy/s Thanks and have a great deer season.

    Deer Shadow Decoys           CONTACT US AT:
    P.O. Box 1026                          Email:     shadowdecoys@yahoo.com 
    Booneville, AR  72927            Phone :   479-675-5035                                             

Trey A, (Geralds son)
Deer Shadow Decoys welcome your feedback and your comments 
deer decoys


Bought the Shadow Doe two years ago,And again Last afternoon It made me a beliver.Used it with Estres scent and it brought in a Really nice 8pt.Thats Two bucks, in two years,the first time I used them for the season.When I first bought them every one at my camp laughed at it,but now they will want one of there own!! You should make one for Elk hunting.I'll buy it!!! Thanks mflach1,Wolfpine Deer Camp Wisconsin

Ebay: Deer Shadow Decoys (Doe) READ SUCCESS STORIES !!! (290041555185)  
 rayweich is a potential buyer. 
      Well this is Ray.  I bought two of the deer decoys  from you, just thought I would let you know I got a 13 pointer last night.   He walked up to the decoy like he was in love with her.  He never even knew I was there.  I even dropped my cell phone while I was trying to get a photo of this .

I'm a return customer from last year.  I bought two of you're decoys and have I got a story for you.   Last year while bow hunting I had one of your decoys hanging at 20 yards from my stand.   While sitting down glassing the trails I had an 8 point buck sneak in from behind me.   I was using a scent suit and was not expecting them from that direction.   I'm not sure what happened next cause I didn't see it,  but I heard a branch break behind me so I turned to look and there he was with your decoy stuck to one of his horns.   He must have thought it was his competitor and tried to fight it .  Now I don't know what was better the fact that he reacted so well to the decoy or the fact that i've never see any thing that funny before.  I couldn't even get a shot off.   The last I saw of that decoy it was bounding away on his head with his flag waving. I darn near fell out of the stand.  I packed up and went home with the most unforgettable hunting experience I have ever had.  So to replace that one I am buying another.  Thanks again.  
                          badboy 4747
 ps god i wish i had had a camera, it was priceless

I killed a nice 6 point with a bow Sunday. 15 ft. from my tree.  Thanks for the decoy.

from Ebay member Trashpile1, Nov. 20, 2005.
My friend you have yourself a great product. The Shadow decoy works like a charm. My brothers used it yesterday and killed a nice buck. They said the buck came out about a hundred and fifty yards and went straight to the decoy.Best of luck with sales it's a hit. trashpile1.

Got my decoy last night so decided to try it out today.  Got to my stand which is on the edge of a hay field, which had just been mowed.  This means the grass is only about 5 inches tall, no trees to hang it from really.  I decided to try something.  I broke
 off a branch about 4ft tall with forks at the end.  I tied the decoy right below the fork and put it in the field by itself. Well about 45 min
 later 3 does come out and instantly come toward it checking it out.They leave and a nice 8 point comes out and instantly sees it.  He runs over and immediately tries to fight with it. Then it hit me, the forks sticking up made it look like a buck (spike). This decoy really worked, will be using it again tomorrow! Thanks!

I got my decoy on October 7th and used it for the first time last night (October 9th).  I was able to turn 2 deer that were heading away from me around and bring them within bow range with this decoy.  Sadly I missed the shot, but that's not the decoys fault.  Great Product.

Hello from Illinois. My girlfriend bought one of your decoys last year and was BLOWN AWAY with the results we had with your           product. She took a 153 inch 8 pointer and i took a 166 inch 10. We are going to video some hunts this year using the decoy and we   will be sure to send ya a copy. EVERYtime we used the decoy we had deer well within bow range and watching the deer trying to    figure out what they were seeing was priceless......lol Great Product........Doug 

WOW!! first time out with decoy and kill 2 1/2 yr old Buck Great Product A++++                trutalker1 
Excellent!!!!Works Great!!!!  Buyer: crushed06

Smooth transaction,the deer do stop and check these out,cool. Buyer: spareribbs 
WOW FAST SHIPPING! Got an 8pt. very next day with these. Great Item! Thanks! A++       Buyer: nitwitt100
They work great... Shipped fast       Buyer: coltcain 

Great product! Shipped in 2 days! A+ First time out had 3 does/1 buck come to itBuyer: keeney20 
 Used 2 Times this weekend and had deer walk right up to it both times. Works!!!               Buyer: da30pointbuck 
 Brings the Deer in but watch your wind; got busted. Also works best in a Breeze               bj3443  
 It works! Good product highly recommend it, fast shipping                                   Buyer: stephens1984cr  
 Got a nice buck. He looked at them and felt quite confident. Thanks!!                                wantaretire  
 Actually WORKS I had a CAT and a DOE check this thing out and I have the footage         Buyer: thumpusmc

Hi everybody !
 I received your decoy last friday 1 december, I have see nothing in last three weeks... Saturday I try for the first time your decoy... after only 4 hours of hunt I have seen 4 deers...   and I finaly shoot the biggest deer in the lot... This decoy work really...All four deers gone straight ahead on the decoy !!!  Thanks for saving my 2006 season !
 Denis Ouellet,  Thetford Mines, Quebec Canada

EXCELLENT HUNTING ACCESSORY<<<A+++EBAYER>>>          Buyer: rome78c1 ( 124 ) 
 Used one time had a nice buck stop 40 yards out and just watch the decoy            Buyer: csnipr ( 130 ) 
 A1 seller, Fast shipment, A1 Ideal. Works great. Shot a small 6 point buck            Buyer: bigal62298  
 AAA+++++ You have the best service! i got my item within 2 days!                        Buyer: gunslinger137
 As described, looks like it will work and the concept makes sense, will follow u   Buyer: rkbublitz 
 Innovative product, with fast, reasonably priced shipping; would repeat purchase       Buyer: 7483stuartm 
 Awesome product. My husband has been hunting three years now and this is the first year he actually got   a doe!! what a great feeling! I would give credit to the decoy (Jolene Flores)
Fast shipper and the product WORKS!!!!! Had A deer come right to it 1stDay!  maxarma  Great product. Works very well ;) Buyer: tommy_1640

Great decoy have had many deer come in to check it out bucks and does. THANKS    Buyer: xclbr01 
 we got them to day 9-7-06 took them out and tryed them several deer check them        Buyer: r     WOW Never in my years of hunting have i had anything work as good,THANKS   Buyer: harleybodog
.A VERY GOOD ACCESSORY FOR BOW HUNTING<<<A+++>      Buyer: rome78c1
 I have no doubt it will work because my dogs go nuts every time I hang it .                 Buyer: biblereader700            
Do it yourself easy and simple predator call . Cheap and easy. 
deer shadow decoys

  I got my Deer shadow decoy on Monday, November 2. My son used it yesterday and killed a large doe. He said she could not keep her eyes off of the decoy, which made it easy for him to draw his bow and killed it with one shot. We have tried full body decoys, but they will scare the deer off sometimes. This product kept the deer           looking and trying to figure it out. Pretty amazing.  Gerald A..                                                                                               Hello this is Trey A. (geralds son ) this is the doe i recently killed using your decoy.
This was taken from a Southern Sportsmans Blog.  Thanks bverdin!  
Posted Thu, Dec 25th, 2008 11:15 am 
Deer Shadow Decoys
Guys, I hunt out of state and I love hunting with decoys. A combination of calls with the decoy for visual identification brings the deer in most times. My very first deer with a bow was a 6-point at 15 yards that came in licking his chops after seeing the decoy. This was a month away from the rut. I was looking to try a new decoy this year and I found one on ebay. It's called the Deer Shadow Decoy. They have a website is deershadowdecoys.com. Take a look. I bought one and every time I've see a deer this year it's came to the decoy, bucks and does. The cost around $17.00 each and come in buck or doe version. Take a look. I read the testimonials that people read and wasn't really sure it would work. After trying it this season, I'll be buying them again. For $17.00, it's at least worth a try.

  I used the decoy.  Saw nothing the first time, placed it in a highly visible spot on the second day, and my girlfriend took a beautiful 9-point that came within 5 feet of the decoy and 15 yards from the stand!!  This buck and a spike came from the tree line 150 yards away!! I will never hunt without this decoy again!!  Jeff, Oklahoma
Hope you have a great 2022-2023 Deer Season
deer decoys
deer decoys